Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic InjectionsCosmetic Injections Botox No more frowns A gentle treatment, Botox (R) allows you to take control of your appearance.  Helping you easily look as good as you feel by safely reducing frown lines, laugh lines (crow’s feet) and forehead lines.  No longer reserved just for celebrities.  A few tiny injections relax the muscles that cause lines and keep them relaxed for months. Juvederm Plump it Up! Juvederm is a smooth consistency gel made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your skin that helps to add volume and hydration.  In a fifteen-minute treatment, the gel is injected under the skin to instantly restore your skin’s volume.  Smoothing away facial wrinkles and folds, like smile lines or parentheses (the creases that run from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth).  Juvederm provides immediate results and a smooth, natural look and feel. *Call for pricing on all laser services-series packages available.

All injections performed by Dr Eipe Kuruvila, MD, FRCA