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We’ve waited and now he’s back. Of course we are speaking of Michael Ibbott, Methode Physiodermie’s top trainer. He is a skin care specialist, esthetician and massage therapist. He has extensive experience in education and has been a speaker in numerous venues involving esthetics. He brings a unique blend of competencies as a stress and body management consultant, shiatsu therapist, yoga teacher and esthetician.

If you missed him before, don’t miss him again! YOU WILL LOVE HIM just like everyone else!

This time you will learn about acne, anti-aging, pigmentation issues,the stages of rosacea and acne rosacea and how you can address these pathologies. Michael discusses everything you need to know about these skin disorders. The pros and cons of glycolic (A.H.As), microdermabrasion, laser and hydroquinone on hypersensitive skin are covered. Oral supplements for acne, rosacea and acne rosacea are discussed and shown.

Methode Physiodermie carries a complete range of facial, body, cellulite treatments, and more, and is offered to satisfy the most challenging demands of today’s clientele including difficult skin problems such as acne or rosacea. Experience has shown that Physiodermie treatments give clients an immediate sense of well-being and, more importantly, significant results.

Now is the time to ask Michael questions about causes and treatments. Join us on Thursday, May 12 starting at 1pm.